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Privacy Policy

At Creative Balloons by C&N we want to inform you of the treatment we do with the data that users leave us on our website.

In the case of minors under thirteen years of age, the consent of the parents or guardians is required for the processing of their personal data. In no case will data related to the professional, economic situation or the privacy of the other members of the family be collected from the minor, without their consent. If you are under the age of thirteen and have accessed this website without notifying your parents, you should not send us your information.

For Creative Balloons by C&N, respecting and protecting users’ personal data is a priority. As a user you should know that your rights are guaranteed on this website. We have strived to create a safe and reliable space and that is why we want to share our principles regarding the privacy of our users:

• We will not request personal information unless it is really necessary to provide the services you require.
• We never share personal information of our users with anyone, except to comply with the law or in case you have your express authorization.
• We do not use your personal data for a purpose other than that expressed in this privacy policy.

This Privacy Policy could vary depending on legislative or self-regulation requirements, so we advise our users to visit it periodically. It will be applicable in the event that users decide to fill in any of their contact forms where personal data is collected.


Processing of Personal Data

If you are under the age of thirteen and have accessed this website without notifying your parents, you should not register as a user.

At Creative Balloons by C&N, the processing of personal data is carried out with the following purposes, depending on the reason for which it has been provided to us:

• Manage data provided directly by the user himself, at a professional level, to inform him of our products and services, respond to his request, request or query and do a subsequent follow-up.
• Manage the data provided by the user at the time of contracting our services, this in order to inform you about services, events and news related to our professional activity that may be of interest to you.

We will also process your personal data to send notification of changes in our terms and conditions, privacy policies and modifications that have been made to our services. In addition, we may use your data to conduct surveys; statistics; market studies, records on consumption habits through automatic data capture tools, interests and behavior; participate in social networks; participate in events, contests, and sweepstakes; evaluate the quality of services; and in general for any activity aimed at promoting, maintaining, improving and evaluating our products and services.

When you browse our website, you can be confident that your purchases and personal information are protected, since we use a Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) security protocol, which encrypts and protects the information that is exchanged within our website. However, although the SSL protocol protects almost entirely against the theft of information, keep in mind that the fact of surfing the net carries a risk, which you accept by your own decision when using the internet service.

By making a purchase through our website, you automatically give us consent to share your personal data with our suppliers and business partners, this solely for the purpose of providing you with the service that you have expressly requested.

At Creative Balloons by C&N we are not responsible for the personal information that remains available on the network if the user shares their data with a third party so that they can access their account. The personal data of your account are non-transferable, therefore this is entirely the responsibility of the user.


Cookies Policies

At Creative Balloons by C&N we use cookies to store information about the preferences of visitors and users, record specific user information about which pages you access or visit, personalize the content of the web page according to the type of visitor’s browser and any other information. that the visitor sends through their browser. At no time are cookies used to collect personal information from the user.

In addition, we will use the information obtained through cookies to analyze the pages browsed by the user and the searches carried out, in order to improve our commercial and promotional initiatives.

Additionally, at Creative Balloons by C&N we use cookies so that the user does not have to enter their password so frequently during a browsing session, count and corroborate the records, user activity and other commercial agreements, always aiming at the benefit of the Username.

It is established that the installation, permanence and existence of cookies on the user’s computer or mobile device depends on their sole will and can be eliminated from their computer and / or mobile device whenever they wish. To know how to delete cookies from the system, it is necessary to review the “Help” section of the browser you use.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The services are managed by Creative Balloons by C&N, which is located in the state of Texas. You agree that any conflict related to these privacy policies will be governed by the laws of the State of Texas in the United States of America.

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